304 x 202 Empress Wool & Silk Rug



Jenny Jones is recognised for her innovative design, and variable texture. Jenny Jones’ rugs are not only multi global award winning but also customer’s favourites for sharp style and statement making designs. Jenny’s collection of contemporary rugs are made using the Persian knot with high grade wool and silk by the rural artisan weavers of Rajasthan, India.

The Empress design emerged from the need for classic, timeless rugs that would fit effortlessly into a contemporary space. Wanting to bring a modern and luxurious element to the ancient art of carpet weaving has resulted in this elegant and subtle rug with great respect for the traditions of the past while also offering a truly contemporary style.

Available in sizes:

300 x 250cm -(Delivery 34 weeks)
180 x 120cm – (Delivery 22 weeks)
240 x 170cm – (Delivery 22 week)
200 x 300cm – (Delivery 1 week)
360 x 270cm – (Delivery 22 weeks)
420 x 300cm – (Delivery 22 weeks)