Where to Buy your Handmade Rug

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If you are looking to purchase an Oriental Carpet we first suggest that you bare mind that all Oriental Carpets are very much unique pieces of floor art made entirely with natural materials that have taken the weavers anything from 3 months to 3 years in the making – accordingly the finished pieces can vary enormously in all respects.  This in mind and that every genuine Oriental Carpet is indeed different (irrespective to its name) we therefore recommend that before you make your purchase that you shop around to look at as many different carpets as you can, that said we would only recommended the three following places to buy.

A good place to start your search is with an established specialist retail business. Specialist shops have a reputation to maintain and they’ll be doing their up-most to enhance that reputation, they’ll often be importing directly to help keep the prices down and should be able to offer a range of different goods with the correct expert advice and knowledge to go with it. Perhaps most importantly you’ll have the opportunity to return the goods should you encounter any problems further down the line.

Higher end department stores can sometimes be good places to look although choices can often be quite limited as they tend not to like to dedicate too much floor space to individually produced one of a kind goods, more so most of their goods tend to come from one single source which can further limit the diversity of what they have, prices for the best part tend to be questionably high too.

Online only e-market place shops can often offer a huge range of goods although its often difficult to fully appreciate the true texture, sheen and aesthetic appeal of handmade textile goods by online photos alone. Best advise in this regard to check your consumer rights and the vendors returns policy before making your purchase, perhaps if you really like a piece but you’re not sure ask the vendor to send additional images before you commit, that way you actually find out if the product is truly available to send, it may save you being sent an unsuitable but similar type/size carpet out in the post.


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