Avoid being taken on a financial carpet ride

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The first thing to keep in mind when shopping for a new rug is that not all carpets are created equal.

When looking to consider a fair price to pay for a Persian or Oriental Rug you must first ignore its given name, its size or anyone else’s personal account of how great the carpet is. You need to look at the carpet carefully and consider the item for what it is without any pressure – any reputable carpet dealer will happily leave to do this or even allow you take the carpet home to try in-situ before to help you decide. When you’ve found a piece that you truly like you need to ask yourself about its true value. Persian knotted Carpets vary massively in price ranging from a few hundred pounds to many thousands.

In general terms there are three broad principles that can help to determine the overall value of a particular carpet.

First consideration is the numbers of knots per square inch – the more knots in a given space the finer the carpet is, and accordingly more material has been used too, subject to size etc.

Second consideration is that of the material used to knot the pile. Although some very fine Oriental carpets can be made with Silk most are typically made with wool. Using the right type of sheep to get the best wool is highly important, a good wool will contain plenty of lanolin (natural oil). This in turn allows the pile of the carpet to catch the light and refract a lovely sheen and help to protect the carpet from staining and the wears and tears of daily domestic life.

The third but certainly not last consideration is the carpets overall artistic quality. For example spending a lifetime weaving away with the finest of mulberry silks is no guarantee to a great carpet.


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