233 x 148cm Persian Hamadan


Hamadan Tribal carpets are made either in the city of Hamadan or its surrounding villages,   situated in the western part of Iran. Hamadan has a long history of carpet weaving and trading going back thousands of years. Some of the better known villages with a good reputation are Nahavand, Tuiserkan, Malayer or Hosseinabad. Other carpets from this rather extensive area are sold under the generic term Hamadan. The colours of Hamadan’s are typically dominated by different hints of sapphire blue and madder red although various other colours such as browns and greys and shadowy reds are not at all uncommon. The carpets are woven with a natural dyed handspun yarn that provides a very durable surface and beautiful colour scale. The patterns are mostly geometrical, but floral motifs can also occur too. Materials and design can be of very varying quality. The carpets, as with this piece have a lovely individuality about them – each with their own character and personal charm


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