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This especially lovely and highly detailed little Abadeh hallway rug is made by the settled (otherwise traditionally nomadic) Qashgai Tribal weavers in the small market town of Abadeh, Fars Province, southern Iran.  Abadeh as a town being regularly frequented by the Nomadic Qashgai’s on their southerly migratory route between the cites of Esfahan and Shiraz.  In keeping with the traditional Qashgai weaving techniques the women weavers here have timelessly hand knotted this vibrant carpet with hand spun neck wool (kork wool) from the ancient breed of The Flat Tailed Sheep. The knot density is approximately 325-350 KPSI (Knot Per Square Inch) which would have taken two weavers approximately 6 months to undertake the knotting process alone. All dyes used are totally natural and all sourced locally – a task that’s exclusively undertaken by the tribal leader. The piece is instantly recognisable as a Qashgai weaving by its playful and sporadic use of  all over colourful filler motifs such as the Ancient Ibex, various types of birds, butterflies, flowers, Gourds and other every day representations of their typical encounters. In consideration to the symbolism of the carpet design, the four outer corners (those parts with a red background) otherwise known as “brackets”, “quarter panels” or “spandrels” represent in this design context the under or spiritual world, the parts of the carpet coloured in ivory part (the field) denotes the living and existing world whilst the central sapphire blue medallion polyagonal shape in the very middle represents the after or heavenly world and therefore in effect the design format is very much telling a story of connectivity to the three states of perceived existence, underworld, existing and afterword. Arguably the design is very similar in effect to that of the Tree of Life design often which we often see in western cultures as a symbolism of immortality for example A tree grows old, yet it bears fruits and seeds that contain its very essence and in this way the tree becomes immortal and as such a symbol of growth, strength and rebirth.  Symbolism aside this is simply a very enjoyable carpet to look at..

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