January’s Rug of the Month

 In The Weave

Lovely soft translucency in the wools of this gorgeous Persian Luri carpet to allow for warm shades of vibrant reds in this fine example of a 203 x 132cm tribal carpet from the proud and colourful nomadic Luri tribe from southern Iran. The Luri are one of the few remaining nomadic carpet weaving tribes who mostly occupy the Loristan province of Iran. They originally have Turkmen origins of Central Asia where they entered Iran in circa 1500’s bringing with them some of the purest forms of carpets weaving techniques. Renowned for their magnificent quality and soft pile of hand spun neck wools from the fat tailed sheep the Luri weavers freely use their imaginations to add motifs and patterns that represent various aspects of their cultural beliefs and lifestyles, a beautiful example of a truly unique and authentic Persian carpet. 

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