Restoration & Cleaning Services

In general handmade carpets are exceptionally hard-wearing and long lasting and if looked after properly will retain their attractiveness and re-sale value with age, depending on market conditions at the time.

However, as the rug is a very practical household item it will inevitably be subject to the wear and tear of normal day to day living such as household cleaning products, the possibility of insect damage, the risk of accidental damage from pets or more than likely the odd glass of spilt red wine. By following a few basic precautions as suggested below you can help to maximise the life of your rug.

Restoration & Cleaning

We recommend you clean your rug on a regular basis, depending on the amount of traffic your rug receives and environmental conditions in your home we recommend you give your rug a gentle shake followed by a gentle vacuuming to release any accumulated dust about every two weeks. Be careful if your vacuum has beater bars as these could undermine the knotting of the pile and possiblbly damage your rug. Furthermore don’t follow the commonly misconceived idea of beating the rug with a stick, although the rug may stand up to good thrashing, beating your rug is not the correct nor the most effective way of cleaning.

For spillages and stains we suggest you blot clean with a clean cloth, just dab and gently compress in a direction following the fall/direction of the pile – don’t scrub – repeat the process until the staining has been removed and leave to dry. If the satin persists after drying repeat as above using a damp cloth.

If your rug becomes seriously damaged we recommend you have the rug professionally repaired and cleaned. We offer this service at The Weave and will happily provide recommendations and a written quote.

We also offer free appraisals service and written insurance reports for any rugs damaged beyond repair.