280x183cm Persian Nomadic Tribal Rug



Persian Tribal rugs by general description are considered to be amongst the most authentic of all Persian Rugs. Entirely made by hand on collapsible wooden looms using the Persian double knot by the various nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes occupying the Fars region of southeast Iran (Persia). Designs and patterns are woven by use of the weavers own imagination using only locally available natural and vegetable dyes. Each carpet is a different representation of the weavers own personal artistic expression reflecting the different lines of tribal tradition, ability to source good materials and the different aspects that influence daily tribal life. Distinguished by their fine quality and deep piled translucent wools from the Fat Tailed Sheep. Renowned as being exceptionally soft and beautiful they weave bright and elaborate colours with the symbolic use of tribal patterns and family motifs. Each carpet is unique and carries its own distinct artistic merit and personal charm. Due to the use of hand-spun oil rich wools and the process of hand tying of each and every knot (individual piece of pile) to the foundation they make for extremely durable and hardwiring practical rugs – ideal for areas of high foot traffic or busy homes with children and pets.