Hand-Woven – v – Machine Made

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The ancient art of weaving carpets produces carpets that are all one of a kind individual pieces of floor art all differing in size, material and artistic merit with no two carpets ever being the same. Weaving a carpet by hand involves each piece of pile being individually knotted to the warp by hand which in turn adds strength, durability and vibrancy to the carpet.

Most hand woven carpets tend to be woven in the home by a single family group and become visual representations of weavers lifestyle, ancestry, beliefs and demonstrates the extent of weaving expertise from that family or tribal group. One key ingredient to a good rug is sourcing excellent quality wools. The elasticity found in good quality hand spun wool used offers excellent dye absorbency and a resilience to general wear. The fibres on a good wool are covered in a thin membrane which inhibits water penetration, so providing natural stain resistance too. Other merits include being naturally flame retardant, less ‘static’ than synthetic yarns and so does not attract dust, or promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria and related odour.

Machine made or tufted carpets on the other hand tend to be mass produced goods using much lower grade materials and synthetic dyes. The limitations of the machining process results in a much lower knot density which in turn creates a loose and spiritless uninspiring finishing look. The general longevity of machine made rugs tends to much less and unlike hand-woven carpets soon become shabby and difficult to live with.


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