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Fundamental to our designer rug supply chain is the magnificent work being undertaken by traditionally agricultural dependent villages comminutes of rural Rajasthan, India. Achieving this objective is done so by skill building and skill up-gradation training to those artisans associated or who desire to be associated with the carpet weaving trade and by the provision of such a means a substantially increased and stabilised level of dependable incomes.

Needless to say income generating opportunities at the door steps of artisans residing in the remotest of the locations carries a lot of significance in poverty alleviation and not least the skill development landscape due to the provision of livelihood opportunities to often illiterate and poor people at their own doorstep.

As the process of weaving carpets doesn’t require massive infrastructure establishment at local levels it empowers the poor to acquire traditional skills within their own village – which in turn serves as essential work opportunities without the pressure on the villagers to actually migrate out to larger towns or cities for the quest of other, often non skilled based employment.

The transportation of the raw materials and finished goods is also taken care of by sending the raw materials out to the villages and the bringing back the weaved products, thus relieving the artisans of the burden of spending their own time and resources traveling into towns to sell their goods. Furthermore – flexible working hours and output based wages enhance livelihood and living standard options as per their needs.

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